Questions, questions, questions

Do you have questions about the real meaning of life?
Do you wonder where the stars and planets came from?
Are you concerned that you might be missing out somewhere?
Does it matter to you that there might be life after death?
Are you searching for something but not sure what?
We all have questions like that.  Some of us strive for riches, fame and/or power thinking they will make us happy but do they hold the real secrets to life?  What if there really is a God, someone who made the stars, planets, us?  Someone who has a plan for our lives?  Just suppose there is a God who cares, would you want to know more about Him?  We believe He wants us to know Him and so He made sure his Word, the Bible, came to us, intact, across the centuries from one nation to another.  Why not have an open mind and ask Him to reveal Himself to you as you open His word?
We hope our web site might not just tell you where you can meet with people who believe in God and seek to  obey His will but might also help you find what the Bible says about Him and His son Jesus that you might find the real answers to life, what it's all about, where we are going and why. 
On the other hand, maybe you have questions concerning the Jews or perhaps the meaning of Advent.
Why not take a little time to explore these pages and see if your questions are answered?