You have more questions? 

Actually that's perfectly natural, we are talking about the meaning of life here and we all have to make our own judgement, make our own decisions and take our own responsibility for what happens in this life and the one to come.


None of us can go back to the beginning of time to see if God actually made the world and everything in it.  Equally, none of us can wind the clock back to prove the theory of evolution. So we have to make our own judgement on whether the fine balance of creation and life itself exists by design or as a mere fluke, an accident, a random happening! 


We have within us the capacity to question, to reason, to believe and have faith.  God asks us to believe in Him and in His Son Jesus. He asks us to believe in His account of creation and to have trust that He made everything good and perfect.  But, believing is not enough; we have to prove our belief by exercising our trust.


So why is the world in such a mess, I hear you ask?  Have you seen recent David Attenborough programmes about the state of the oceans?  Did the amount of plastic floating there happen by accident or was man responsible?


When we read about the devastation of the environment through pollution and destruction of the forests, do you believe that has all happened by accident?


No.  Man is steadily destroying the very world that sustains him.  Why?  Man is driven by greed for riches, for power, for his own selfish motives.  Sure there are good people, people whose motivation is for the best but one has to judge by the overall picture that all is not going well, is it?


So if man was created perfect by God, what went wrong?


Now this where you need to read the account of God's dealings with the people He made.  You can open a copy of His word, the Bible, on our links page or you can go to GOT QUESTIONS where you can ask a wide range of questions which will be answered from the Bible itself.  But talking may be better, so above all, please do feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to help you find the truth for yourself.



So where does Israel fit into all this? 
Aren't the Jews supposed to be God's chosen people? 


You're right.  Our Bible, our understanding of God and even our Christian faith are deeply rooted in the Scriptures first given to Israel, to the Jews.  Even our Saviour, Jesus, was born a Jew.  This is a big subject as you can imagine so why not click HERE and we'll go into this in a bit more depth.